Weddings are becoming a theme around here!

Once you do your daughter's wedding you feel superhuman like "I can do any wedding" ....well we seem to be having that opportunity now and here is a reception that we helped put together.  A combination of the bride, the mother-in-law and our little fanatical need to make everything beautiful.  Thanks for the beautiful pictures taken by our friend Alisha Hammond, who was their wedding photographer.

Welcome!  Their wedding colors were grey and yellow.  Luckily this sweet broom topiary was in bloom with the perfect yellow flowers.

There were big tuscany pictures in this room and Kristi had the great idea of having poster size pictures of the bride and groom made and then just taped on top of the glass to look like part of the decor.  It looked amazing!  Our gift "table". 

Sarah, the bride, enjoys quilting so her guest book was quilt squares that the guests signed and could be made into a quilt later.  The ladders and twine were a great way to display them.

They had taco ladies that came and did a nice casual meal of tacos for everyone.  I'm sorry to say we don't have a picture of them in action.  This is the backdrop for their table set up though:)

Another awesome picture over the drink station.

We created a few vignettes around the room with benches, pillows, doors, frames what have you.

They had cupcakes (squared) for the wedding cake.  We didn't make those just the decor!  Kristi does all the signage for our displays.  She is a whiz at paper crafting!!

We had a crafting day to make a variety of garlands and yes I helped even though if anyone knows me I'm not a crafter and don't particularly enjoy it...at all...even though I have 4 girls...sad...I know.

The Candy "bar" station was fun to do.  Kristi brought a table from her house to display it all on.  Put your displays on cute furniture.  It makes all the difference!  Then you just add in some cute jars, books, scale and pretty candy with labels!  Awesome!

Thanks for letting us help Sarah and Austin.  Best wishes!

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  1. Once again you two did an amazing job - I think this is 4+ projects I've see of yours - from a formal dining room, a teenage boy's room, bedrooms, and an office - great, great work!!!