It's a Refresh your Nest Tea Party Bridal Shower

So you may have noticed that RYN has been on an extended vacation...
 Part of the reason is because of this girl...

 Who met a boy and they decided to get married!

And so the festivities began! Leading up to an incredible wedding day which will soon be featured right here on the RYN blog.  But you must have patience and until then, 
enjoy the pre-wedding fun and frivolity!

 It's a tea party theme (minus the tea - mostly just the pretty little finger foods!)

The shower favor was a cookie bar stocked with some of Brittany's favorites
and cute little bags to take them home.

Isn't that a plate of divine looking treats...madelines, macarons, mini cupcakes and lemon cookies!

We had to play at least one game...

The group gift was a bedroom designed for the newlyweds.  It was a surprise for Brittany, so we laid it all out upstairs in my room so she would be able to get the full effect.  

We made a "tunnel' for her to get to her big surprise!

She loved it!  Thanks to everyone who helped to put together this shower.  It was so much fun to celebrate Brittany and her upcoming adventure in love.  And much love and happiness to the newlyweds!  We will post pictures of the actual room later!

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