House Tour continues....

A few weeks ago, we got an email from Barbara.  She found our blog online and wanted our help furnishing a townhome she was moving into.  That was just about a month ago.  Two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, one kitchen and a patio later and our work is done!  Pretty much everything from top to bottom, dishes and towels, beds and lamps, artwork and more than a few mirrors is brand spanking new.  How fun is that?  

We already showed you the girls' bedroom.  So, here is Barbara's room.
Here it is when we first saw it.  
And when we left.... Barbara was so fun to work with.  So wanted the bling, so we gave it to her.  BTW the bed looks ginormous because she has the boxspring on the bed which only takes a mattress.  She has to figure out what to do with it!  For now she is sleeping on a princess bed!
Thanks to Juan for the awesome paint job!  Really if you need a painter he is THE BEST! 
The paint is Elephant Skin by Behr.  It's the perfect background for the white furniture.

She has always wanted a vanity in her room.  We were tight on space but this was just right.   The silver drum is perfect for a stool.

 Isn't this the best color scheme?

You know how we love the blank canvas!

Remember the girls room, the love of zebra is shared by the whole family. We couldn't pass up this zebra bench when we saw it.  We added another exotic touch with the moroccan style lanterns in her room and the bathroom.
The pressed tin vanity also picks up on the exotic feeling. 

We love your bedroom Princess Barbara!  Enjoy it!

Here's the bathroom.  Pretty boring!
A lacy curtain panel, some pretty shelves and a little more bling what more does a girl need?

I am trying to hide...really how do you take a picture of a bathroom without being seen in the mirror?

So stay tuned... there's more to come from this house!


For sale!

So, I need to park in my garage again.  Ever since Lindsay's room redo I have all her stuff in our garage.  I still think it's all pretty darn cute so I really don't want to just haul it off to Goodwill.  I am hoping someone out there might have room for it!  I have pretty much everything you need for a cute girls bedroom minus the furniture.  My stash includes, mirrors, petite chandelier, hanging shelves, bird art, frames, pillows, cute bird sham, coverlet, memo board, two lamps, desk chair with pad (somewhat wobbly), japanese parasol, paper lanterns, and misc. accessories.  I also have an antique twin bed frame if you are adventurous and handy.  I will even come help you put it all together!  Prices are negotiable, but definitely cheap!  Email me if you are interested in a new girls room (or forward this to anyone you know who might be)!!  kristikeeler@msn.com.

The bed.  There are no rails but you can either be creative or hang them directly on the wall and you have two headboards.

I also have these barstools that I am trying to sell on Craigslist for $40 each.  Any takers?


Take a walk on the wild side!

There is nothing we love better than a blank canvas.  And this project was about as blank as you can get! Our client was just moving in and wanted to start over from scratch.  Furnish the whole place?  No problem!  Needless to say, we have been busy!  Here's a little peek into one of the rooms that is just about finished!  There will definitely be more to come!  Oh yeah, did we forget to mention, they really like zebra print.  I mean really REALLY like it.  We went a little crazy with this one!

See what I mean?  We come back to our homes and they look positively drab after being in this space!

A room for two teenage girls to share.  They wanted dark purple walls and zebra bedding.  We gave it to them!  

A cute little vanity table - that's on every girls wish list right?

Did you see this cute little lamp at Target?  We both wanted it!

They wanted their beds to look different, but they asked for a lot of the same things.  Here's our compomise!

Wow those cords look bad!  Sorry my display on  my camera stopped working so these aren't the best pics!
Hooks for all those accessories girls have!

Another blank canvas!
Of course we put a little zebra in there and hey let's just throw in some purple cheetah while we are at it! 

Fun, bright colors! Always a treat to work with.  It is like living vicariously through someone else's house.


I did it out of love!

 So, when Lindsay turned 12, I decided to decorate her bedroom.  Here's what it looked like...

Fast forward to 2011 and she is turning 15.  This room just doesn't cut it anymore.  So... another birthday room makeover!  It started with a bed.  I was planning on keeping her cute little white bed.  I thought it was perfectly adorable. 
Lindsay: "I actually hate my bed."
Me:   "What? Why?"
Lindsay: "my bed is a sleigh."  
Me:  "right, it's a sleigh bed."
Lindsay: "yeah, it's a SLEIGH!  I feel like it's Christmas in here everyday!"
Okay, so new bed.   I didn't want her last few years at home to be spent in a bed that made her feel like Santa.  So, after much searching I found a perfectly old, slightly rusty, just funky enough brass bed sitting outside a junky consignment shop in Fallbrook.  Perfect!

Couldn't get rid of the "honeydew" colored walls fast enough.  It had been burning our eyes for  almost 3 years.

See, I have embarrassing before pictures too!
So here's her wishlist:
1.  Anthropologie quilt in brightly colored ethic print. (only $225)
2.  antler chandelier
3.  moroccan style lanterns
4.  elephants
5.  and tigers
6.  fluffy/furry pillow (also from Anthropologie)

Doesn't that sound exactly like my style?!?  She was torn between picking everything out herself and letting me surprise her.  She really likes surprises and even though she wasn't sure I would be able to nail her style (btw how do you describe that style?) she let me go for it.

So here it is,  the first "global inspired"  room in the Keeler home.
My grandfather collected elephants, so here's a cute little guy that I got from his collection after he passed away.  

Didn't exactly know what I was going to do with these when I bought them,  but I ended up spray painting them in a cool color and made them magnet boards.

We had to keep the dresser that matched the sleigh bed but I changed it up a little with some knobs. Couldn't go for the whole chandelier but there's her antler!

I found the chair and the zebra cube at Marshalls, my friends thought I was crazy when I put those in my shopping cart.  Of course, Lindsay loves them!

Okay, even I love this little guy!  But I couldn't bring myself to do the tigers... sorry Linds!

The hanging lanterns are one of her favorite parts.  We had hang the star the furthest away from her head in case  they fall on her in the night.  We figured the flat bottoms would do the least amount of injury!  

Furry pillow, not from Anthro... how about Ross!?!

Decided against spending over 200 on the Anthropologie quilt.  Found this Amy Butler duvet instead for $40!

See really old bed!  But it makes the room.

Happy Birthday Lindsay!

So after all the decorating was done, we decided to celebrate at Phil's BBQ.  You all know this feeling don't you!