The Grand Finale!

So here we are at the end of Barbara's home tour.  But wait!  There's one last "room" we want to show you.  She had a small patio outside the living room/ dining room.  It was pretty much a depressing slab of concrete to begin with.  

Too much sun and it overlooked the parking area.  

But we had to make the most of it!

Some outdoor furniture and the rug definitely make a difference.  The umbrella doesn't hurt either.

An outdoor storage ottoman holds all her stuff that she doesn't want to store inside.

She said she didn't have a green thumb so we literally gave her a black plant!
We were hoping succulents would have a better chance of surviving.  

The candle ring on the table was a perfect find.

We added some lanterns and patio lights for evening ambience.

The hanging planters were a score from HomeGoods.  We planted them with succulents and now they beautify the boring beige fence.

We had to be creative out here.  It was our last room and the budget was wearing a little thin.   

The patio now blends in perfectly with the inside!  Just no zebra out here!

We put the fountain just outside her kitchen window so she can hear it while she is making dinner.

The perfect escape!


The Great Room Revealed

We have just about come to the end of our tour of Barbara's townhouse.  We have the living room/dining room left to show and then just one last little surprise. This room really is where all the action takes place. It's the meal eating, tv watching, computer using, sleepover hosting and general lounging about center of the house.  They really needed to make the most of this small space.    

Here it is before... 
And after we brought our purchases from our secret hidden stash.   Barbara is really drawn to the color red.  So when we saw this bench we knew it had to find a place in the design scheme.

And the dining area before...

It's a pretty narrow space so she picked out a tall table that incorporates storage right into the base.

And there's Juan working his magic!

Loved the table so much I bought one for myself!

The baker's rack is our attempt to create some separation between the living and dining room.

We were relieved that the sectional actually fit in the room.  We had our fingers crossed as they delivered it!

You remember the zebra right?  Loving it in the grey!  And hey that's from Walmart people!

Some fun accessories always liven things up!

Artwork is really a personal decision.  It took us a while to get Barbara's style down.
But eventually we figured it out!

Cutest mirror!  Love the pillow!

One last look...