A dining room transformed!

We are working our way through Beth's house one room at a time.  You may remember her bedroom makeover and you probably also remember what we did to her teenage son's room.   That was fun!   Now we are in her dining room.   The furniture didn't need to be replaced, in fact there was a beautiful table hiding under that tablecloth!  She was just tired of the wallpaper that came with the house when she moved in.  She basically wanted to update and freshen it up.   No problem!  

Here's the room, with the wallpaper that is just about old enough to be back in style again!   The rug is out of proportion to the table and corner cabinet made the room look a little off balance.

Another look...

Check it out now!  We are calling this "casually elegant".    The moldings, curtains and chandelier all give the room a more formal look but we had to balance those with a more casual looking rug.
Accessories to the rescue!

Of course we need to give credit to Beth's son in law Jared who installed and finished the beautiful wainscoting and painted over the wallpaper.  (yes, painted over the wallpaper - that was definitely a wallpaper crisis averted!)  The walls were painted a blue grey color with a hint of metallic sheen.  

The curtains replaced an old honeycomb shade. The shade wasn't needed for light control and the fabric adds so much more to the room. 

The table was a last minute find.  

And a perfect place to use a cute lamp in the room.

A few sparkly touches in the mercury glass looking candlesticks and the mirrored pictured frames.  They both have a little patina to them that make them feel a little rustic and not overly formal.  Just like our room!

Can you tell we love lanterns too.  But they are just everywhere right now.  We wanted a little different centerpiece for this room.

The mirror was hanging in the upstairs hallway.  We thought it was such a pretty shape and it worked really well in this room.  Don't be afraid to steal things from other rooms!  

That ceiling with the new chandelier... Gorgeous!

The hutch got a little makeover too with a few new dishes and such.
But it was mostly rearranging things she already had.

Here's a peek inside.

Love that mercury glass lamp!  

See what we mean?  Casually Elegant!