Happy Halloween!

Even though it's still 90 degrees here in Southern California, we are embracing the fall season.  I think Halloween is my second favorite decorating holiday.  My kids love it too.  It's always hard to feel motivated to get those boxes down, but your kids are begging you to do it.  So you do it for them.  Once I get started though, it's a little hard to stop.    You'll see what I mean.

The Kitchen Branch came back out after a stint of hanging in the garage. 
 It's the perfect place for our owl to perch.

Isn't he cute?

A skull tree on the lazy susan, what else?

After making the mantle look spooky, I couldn't decide  if I should use the banner that tells you it's spooky.   It actually makes the mantle look less spooky.  But I did it anyway!

I just had the kids have a go with the spider webs.  I am really not good at using that stuff!

We've been on the Tower of Terror ride at California Adventure quite a few times recently, so we were chanelling the creepy old hotel look in our dining room.  
Of course, we love our favorite doll head with the candle in it to make the eyes glow.

We went to an antique store to find old portraits.  We picked out the most evil looking ones.  I apologize if these are your relatives.

I think I bought out the last fake black crows in Temecula.  I searched high and low to find them.  

More creepy relatives.

This was Lindsay's idea.  She spent a long time perfecting the cobwebs.  If you come over, don't touch them.  She will get mad at you!

Thanks for taking a look!  Have a great Halloween!


A Refresh Reunion!

 We just love it when old friends call us back to do more in their homes.  It validates us and what we do, ("you like us, you really like us!") plus, you just get to know people really well doing what we do!  Shari is very sentimental and we love it.  When she showed us her "Grandma" print, we knew it would be the perfect inspiration for her sewing room.  So we filled it with lots of her treasures and mementos, things from her Grandma, things from her kids and grandkids and just the stuff that means a lot to her.  Of course, we threw in some bright,  fun and funky things into the mix because that's just how Shari is.  We think it suits her very well.

So here's what we started with,  a twin bed and lots of lamps!
This red chair is probably where this story began for Shari.
She bought it because she loved it, and then just had to make the rest of the room fit in with it.  

Fun, bright funky?  Did we exaggerate?  No way!  We went all out.  Shari isn't afraid of anything.

We found this rug even before we were working on Shari's room.  We pushed it around in the cart at HomeGoods trying to think of who would need such a rug.  Finally, when nothing came to us we were forced to put it back.  Luckily it was still there when Shari called!

Gussied up the sewing cabinet...

Used that cute red leather chair to our advantage.

Here's the print that we started with to inspire our creative juices.

We pretty much used up all the space in this room!

There's a lot of love in this room.  Hope you love it, Shari!