We're Back... and the House Tour continues!

We have taken a little time off for some summer fun and much needed R&R.  But it is time to get back to work!  We still have more to show you from Barbara's house!  Let's head downstairs to the kitchen.  We had to liven up a plain white kitchen and guest bathroom.  Check it out...
Here's your basic white kitchen.

We kept the black and white theme from upstairs but popped in some red.  

A little cut out that looks into the dining area.

Some barstools from Ross will hopefully make it functional.

Shelves and plate stands add storage and cuteness.

The rug had a little of the zebra feel and it tied all of our colors together!

Space is at a minimum in this kitchen so all the decorating had to come from stuff she needed to use.  

So another generic white bathroom.

A little zebra goes a long way!

We will post more later, but don't lose patience. The best is yet to come!