On a Roll . . .

We've been on something of a bedroom kick here.  It seems like everyone is finally taking a look at their bedrooms (which are often the most overlooked room in the house) and saying "Enough already!"  It is time to take your room back and make it your sanctuary.  Well we did just that for some wonderful friends of ours.  This makeover was a long time coming - they started it about 2 years ago but got sidetracked with their busy lives and never got around to finishing it.  Refresh your Nest to the rescue! 

Here's the before... they sold their old furniture set on Craigslist to make room for the new! Great idea to jump start your refreshing budget!
Worth waiting two years for?  Maybe!  Before, the room felt really dark and heavy, the healthy dose of white really brightened things up.
Hiding behind the dresser is the bed they bought a few years ago, but hadn't been able to use.  It came from Pottery Barn Outlet and was missing some pieces.  Luckily, we know someone who was able to actually make the pieces they were missing!!
Pretty amazing bed don't you think?!  Cute nightstands and lamps don't hurt either!

  Before, the window just on one side of the bed felt really off balance.  Their room is so big that we were able to move the bed to the corner.  We could still do our symmetrical thing that we love!  Plus, it just feels so luxurious to be able to have your bed angled into the middle of the room!

Don't even ask how we got those curtains hung from the ceiling!
So here's the other side of the room.  The retreat part of it all.
They sold the armoire and the rocker.
Craigslist is the way to go!

With the proceeds of the sale we were able to score these babies!  
I think I wouldn't mind "retreating" here...
The Italy prints just add some of their personality to the room.  They lived there for a few years, so it is a place very dear to their hearts.

Prettying up a useful trunk!
 This is where their kids' electronics get put in "time out".
Notice the padlock!

The bookcase was just about the only piece
of furniture that stayed in the room.

The family collage!  

There is even a cute little round entry to the room.
It's just waiting for the perfect mirror.
It's time for you guys to relax and enjoy your room.
Thanks for letting us in on the fun!