It's a boy!

No it's not that kind of news... it's a boy's room.  Finally, we were challenged to summon our inner masculinity and set aside the girly frou frou!  You know we can do flowers and ruffles.   But what happens when we are given the task of designing for a teenage boy?   Well, we took that challenge (stinky socks and all) and ran with it.  We love it, now we hope he loves it???

Okay here's the before.  We weren't kidding when we said teenage boy!
Ta da!  After and not a flower in sight, but he did think the long orange pillow was a little girly!

Thanks to the talented son-in-law, we now have beautiful paint and fresh new baseboards.  Us RYN girls hung those bamboo blinds ourselves (we are channeling that masculine side!)

Using some of his "guy stuff" as accessories in the room.  Hey, this is easier than doing a girl's room!

Before - that bookshelf was a little overwhelming for the amount of stuff he put on it.

We found a more manageable sized bookshelf in another room.

See what glossy white paint will do for those banged up doors.  Take a good look at the doors in your house, it's amazing what kind of abuse they take!

More boy accessories

The picture really helped us establish the color scheme for the room.  Don't you love it?

A $5 dollar picture and borrowing stuff from other rooms helped to fill this wall.

He had the papasan chair (it's former life was a dirty clothes hamper) so his mom wasn't sure she wanted to keep it in the room.  I hope he doesn't make her regret the decision to keep it!

Okay, so our Introduction to Boys' Rooms 101 is over, did we pass?


Portlandia: Put A Bird On It

RYN hits the Road!

We recently had the opportunity to break out of the valley and hit the road ... all the way up the 15 to Fallbrook!  We were lucky enough to be able to work on the beautiful home of Beth and her family.  The first order of business was to give her a fresh new master bedroom.  The bedroom already had really nice furniture and she said she loved the french country style ...  so we knew this would be a no brainer!
Here's the bed, the big big bed. 
The perfect canvas for us to fill with lots of ruffles and loveliness!
Meet the foe!  A big red chair that needed to be worked into our color scheme.
So, we invited some friends to the party... desk,  check,  accessories,  check,  more pillows,  check,
bird throw,  of course!!
Beth definitely isn't afraid of color or pattern.  We love that!
See the sneaky way we worked the red into the bed, adorable red ticking shams, floral pillow and a touch of red in the pictures.

The curtains look a little like highwater pants right now.
We are going to put them on rings to make them a little longer.
This shelf had no real purpose other than decorative.
We decided to make it more useful and clean up the look with baskets.

The perfect reading corner, don't you agree?

And there you have it ... lots of pillows and ruffles, birds and flowers.  A perfect combination!