Models R Us or if you wanna get technical Just like the Model

Look past the ugly pillows and coffee table and these are cute. Couch is 599 and loveseat 499.

I receive emails each week from this place up in Costa Mesa called Just Like the Model. They get items from different models apparently. Anyways their stuff is not always the cutest but usually pretty cheap!! I saw these couches and thought they were really cute and thought I would share with anyone who is reading this blog. You would probably have to go to the store tomorrow or saturday because the nice items usually go fast.


A long time ago refreshing.....

This is what Brigette and Garrett's dreary room looked like before :

Just as a disclaimer this is my first blog ever and I was a blog mocker, quite openly, I mean just the name blog makes me think of silly names we used to make up as children to call each other our favorite being "plobville ala king". So you can see the resemblance. Anyways I just wanted to point out that I have no idea what I'm doing and that is why the pictures are all over the place. Anyone have any clue how to move or delete pictures once their on your blog please enlighten me!!

So our good friend Brigette decided like 3 days before her husband returned from his duties in Haiti as an interpreter/all around good guy to decorate her "love nest" as a surprise to him. (which my husband thinks is just a way to spend all that money and decorate however you want without your husband bugging you or influencing your decisions, and that's a "surprise"!?!) He is quite cynical as you can see because us good wives would never, ever think like that ;) Anyways so Brigette with some encouragement and excitement from us decided to go forth with this project and the shopping began. Luckily her husband was delayed a few days because I think we ended up having like 5 days instead of the 3 we originally thought!! It was a lot of fun even though it might have included in no particular order: unbelievable amounts of shopping and returning, a husband and grandpa hanging curtains and mirrors, an all nighter with banana bars and diet coke as our only friends, some forced on stenciling that was in the end LOVED, a new found love for decorating that was never known, a new friendship that is now moving to Australia (no judgement) and I'm pretty sure a husband that was happy and felt loved & missed while serving the Haitian ( Haitcian Haitsion sp?) people!!
Here is the before bathroom:

And here is the after with the stenciling and all....

This is the after bedroom which is amazing and no paint on the walls at all... (it's a rental)