Krissy's Refresh!

My friend Krissy wanted to refresh her living room and dining room recently. She was tired of the dark heavy curtains and just wanted to lighten everything up. She had already bought some really cute pillows from Pottery Barn. That gave us an idea of what she liked and what direction she was headed and we took it from there. Here's her room before:

And ta da! Wow what a difference! She pulled down the curtains and she said it was like taking a big breath of fresh air. Don't you just love that feeling of - CHANGE!

We looked for new chairs, but ended up just deciding to have them reupholstered. Didn't they turn out great? And could that rug be more perfect?

And a peek over to the kitchen, which just happens to be the next project!

Of course it is hard to stop at just one room, so the refreshing spilled over to the entryway and the guest bathroom (pictures of the bathroom later!) Here we are before with the typical buffet table lamps. But we decided to change it up a little.

We really liked the picture so it stayed. But we took out the lamps and added some fun lanterns instead. We lucked out by finding the perfect coral-orange colored baskets that matched her Pottery Barn pillows. Sometimes it is skill, sometimes just luck! The adorable bench was a Marshalls find. We fell in love with the vase at HomeGoods and knew we could find the perfect spot for it.