Two Rooms ... which is your favorite?

Oh have we been busy having fun!  Busy being the operative word.  It has been non-stop refreshing this past week!  We have been working on two girl's bedrooms and doing a little here and there around the rest of the house too.  The family has been on vacation and it's a good thing.  There has been painting and more painting and molding installers and furniture moving and mountains of shopping bags.  You know to make beauty, there's gotta be a little bit of messy first.   The girls are coming home to new rooms.  We hope they love them as much as we do.

The first room is for an eleven year old with very sophisticated taste.  When we first walked into her room and saw the bedding she had already picked out from ZGallerie, we knew we were in for a treat!

Before - the room was pretty much stripped for the painters.  
It's not really an accurate before shot, but it gives you an idea.
Here's our inspiration for her Asian Spa Room

Are you feeling the zen?  

Now on to Room #2... the big sister is 15 and definitely had a theme of her own.  From looking at her before room you know that she is a beach lover!  She really loves everything about the beach and the ocean.  She even had an aquarium hanging on her wall.  Her mom wanted to go in the direction of "elegant beach".  Is that an oxymoron you ask?  Well, here's what we came up with!
Before- getting ready for painters so she had to take everything out of her dressers
that were being moved out of the room.  But you get the picture....

Here's our inspiration.

I could definitely live in this room!

And last but not least, the bathroom!  It was pretty plain.  We figured it's an upstairs kids' bathroom.  Let's have fun!

So what do you think?  Do you like the asian inspiration?  or would you go with beachy elegance??  Let us know!

There's more to come from this house as we head downstairs!!  Stay tuned.


Serenity Now!

Shari came to us with a storage dilemma.  She had just given away the roll top desk that she used to store her sewing machine and supplies.  Everything that used to be in the desk needed a new home.  She was also trying to decide if she needed new bedroom furniture.  It was functional, but she was a little tired of it.  She figured it was a good time to do a little refreshing.   But should she get rid of the furniture and buy all new??  Nope ...  we found the best solution!

The beautiful upholstered headboard is from Pier One.  We used it as the starting point of this room.  It broke up the bedroom set and made it much more interesting!

 We decided to keep the dresser and nightstands and try painting it.  

Amazing results!  We love the gray in the room.  This dresser looks better than new.  Thanks Nathan!
Here's where the desk used to be.
We replaced it with a great bookshelf.  The sewing machine went to a nearby room.  We wanted to keep this room serene and work-free!

She loved her reading corner.
 We just painted her bookshelf and added a cool new lamp.

New lamps and pictures add a touch of glam.

The print was meant for the wall above the bed,
but the headboard stood
a little taller than we anticipated.
We actually love it over the dresser.

The headboard is pretty enough to stand alone on the wall!

 Thanks Shari!  Enjoy your room and tell your husband we are sorry about all the pillows!

Do you have some old furniture that you are thinking of throwing out?  Think again!  We know someone who can help you too!